Restaurant AND CINEMA POS Companies rely on Pogo to provide their Mobile SOLUTIONS for their customers



 As a POS company, your technology expertise and focus should be on developing innovative POS system functionality.  So why incur the cost and resources associated with developing, deploying, and supporting a mobile app platform?



An Enterprise proven platform that supports millions of concurrent transactions, top level security, and multiple integration options


App development

on iPhone and

Droid phones and


Functionality for

dashboard and

portal managing

app content

Support for franchise groups, restaurant companies, and independent locations

Intuitive consumer

ordering on native

phone apps


Get your App Developed by Mobile Experts

 Comprehensive Systems Integration


  Pogo’s patented mobile architecture platform allows your  organization to get a dynamic, functional application for consumer transactions based on a comprehensive architecture but designed for your requirements!


Pogo builds industry specific applications utilizing our software to allow companies to leverage emerging cellular phone technology both strategically and cost effectively.


Leverage Emerging Trends with Innovative Technology

Cost Effective, Real Native Apps


Why pay advertising, consulting, internet, or application development firms to build your organization a mobile application?  They're not Mobile experts!


Pogo’s expertise in mobile allows us to provide you with the best real native application development options, not mobile internet version apps. Real apps provide a more useful and intuitive format for consumers.


Focus on your company.  Not on the Technology.  We'll handle that!

Strategic Support


Our standard support includes upgrading all of our applications as new cellular phone technologies become available or more prevalent.


Thus, you do not have to be concerned with the dynamically adjusting mobile technology market. Our platform keeps your mobile applications updated and ahead of the market.


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